Food Nearby Food Nearby

At Wolford Apartments we know the value of a convenient location. That's why we chose a place surrounded by dining options. Rich's Deluxe, Steak n' Shake, Penn Station East Coast Subs, and the vast amount of options nearby are all at your disposal!

Parks Nearby Parks Nearby

When you call Wolford Apartments home you don't only get the benefits of luxury living with our on-site amenities. You also gain convenient access to several parks nearby. In the immediate vicinity there are: Ellsworth, Carver, Douglas, and Palace parks. Perfect for a warm summer evening stroll, or a perfect place to host a family BBQ.

Danville Stadium Danville Stadium

Sanville Stadium is the cherished stadium that houses the city's beloved Danville Dans. Nothing says community and a good time like a good ole game of baseball. A perfect place to bring the family for a day of fun, or to get some lessons from the professional staff!